During this time of uncertainty, DJ Businesses are experiencing a lot of Cancellations. Clubs and Bars are going out of business. Corporate Events are being Cancelled or Postponed. If you are experiencing these things as a DJ, here are somethings you can do.

  • Call your clients in advance and discuss all options.
    • Postponement – Most of your clients have already paid a non-refundable deposit, so the best option is to reschedule (preferably with a 12 month period)
    • New Event – I am allowing my clients who have booked our services for Birthdays and Special Occasions to use the deposit toward a future event within 12 months.
    • Cancellation – It’s unfortunate but cancelling events will be an option that 20-30% of your clients will choose. If this is the choice, make sure you explain to them that deposits are non-refundable, but at the same time, try to encourage them to reschedule the event.
  • Clean and Reorganize your Equipment
    • Removing scuffs from your speakers
    • Check all of your wiring to make sure they are functioning optimally
    • Make sure all of your cords have Velcro Strips and Tagged
    • Light are protected from dust
    • Wash your Scrums
    • Inventory check on: Batteries, Flashlights, Tools, Etc.
  • Work on your Craft
    • Now is a good time to practice, practice, practice.
    • Work on the Chirp Scratch you have been trying to perfect
    • Work on Blending songs
    • Dropping it on the One
    • Sitting up Que Points
    • Recording MixTapes
    • Practicing on your MC Skills

We will bounce back and recover from this. The DJ Community will be better, stronger and wiser following this Pandemic…

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