Quarantine Challenge

Are you going to be better than you were before the quarantine, Or the same person you were before COVID-19? Me personally, have been practicing on my DJ craft. I went live for the first time on Facebook. I started a blog. I built a new website. I really got tapped in with the DJ…


Today is for the BBs! There is no school like the Old Skool. Funk! Soul! Soft Rock! And of course the Blues! Let’s go on a journey today and celebrate the music I was conceived too 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️ 5:30 PM!! TODAY ON FACEBOOK LIVE! Make sure you tell a friend and tune in!!!

Facebook vs YouTube Live Update

What’s Good Family! So, I have reached over 60 answers to the Poll Question and Facebook Live is winning by a landslide 53-9. Hopefully you tune in. I know my Youngstas want IG 😔 but hopefully y’all can dip over to FB for an hour. The Live show starts at 5:30! PRIZE GIVEAWAY!! The person…

The Barbershop

Do you consider the Barbershop or Hair Salon an essential business? Initially, I didn’t but then my hair started getting nappy and out of control. So I said to myself, what would Jesus do?

Facebook or IG Live

I’m going to stream a live mix tonight, but I need your help. Facebook Live or IG? Share the Knowledge

The Blessing in the Lesson

Sometimes you have to turn off the news, and just listen. In that quiet time, you’ll find the blessing in the lesson. Instead of thinking about the pandemic. I sat back and looked at the last two days here at home. I realized, that oft times, it’s for a reason. Maybe it’s giving you time…

MixTape vs. Pandora

Have you ever been in the mood to hear some 90s R&B or 80s Soft Rock. So you open Pandora and create a channel to play that Genre. Shortly after, you find yourself disappointed because it is playing every song from that era EXCEPT the songs you wanted to hear. That’s where the DJ comes…

DJ Business vs. Corona-virus

During this time of uncertainty, DJ Businesses are experiencing a lot of Cancellations. Clubs and Bars are going out of business. Corporate Events are being Cancelled or Postponed. If you are experiencing these things as a DJ, here are somethings you can do. Call your clients in advance and discuss all options. Postponement – Most…

Social Distancing

Social Distancing means not only temporarily suspending schools, working remotely (when possible), and avoiding group gatherings and public events, but also making daily choices to minimize contact with others. It’s a pretty big change from how we normally live our lives. And, if we all can distance ourselves from each other for the time being,…

Do The Five

HANDS – Wash them often ELBOW – Cough into it FACED – Don’t touch it FEET – Stay more than 3ft apart FEEL Sick? – Stay home

Gig’n for Free!!

What do you think about free gigs?? Do you donate you services to nonprofit or businesses throughout the year? What are the benefits? Do you enjoy it? Do you put in the same energy as you do for paid events? Share the Knowledge…

Go pro 7

Just got my camera 💪🏽💪🏽 Now it’s time to film some better footage of the events. Lets get it 💪🏽💪🏽

5 Things DJs Should Know

Always arrive Early to Your Event Know Your Music Know Your Crowd You are not the Star…Your Client is Each Guest is a Potential Future Client